The 3D printed Toy Car was developed by Wouter Scheublin in cooperation with the Dutch research institute TNO. With 3D printing it is possible to create interconnected parts of an assembly together in one print.


Design: Wouter Scheublin, 2008

Scheublin took on the challenge to print the entire working mechanism of a toy car in one go. All gears, axles, wheels and even the spring come from the printer as a complete assembly and the toy car does not need further assembly except for adding 4 rubber bands. The toy car is created with a printing technique called “laser sintering”. In this process, a plastic powder material is melted together layer by layer with a laser. When the printer is done, the loose powder is blown away and can be used for a next print.

The Toy Car's design with it's exposed gears and spring shows the fascinating workings of a pull-back mechanism.

The innovative production method of the 3D printed toy car was back in 2008 one of the first to give us a look at what the future might bring. Complex compositions of multiple parts can be created fully automated and without assembly.




The 3D printed toy car can be ordered from our online shop for €210,-


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