Tentlamp is a large lampshade that suits the home interior as well as project spaces.



Design: Lotty Lindeman, 2008


Large porcelain beads function as a weight to balance the inner lampshade that can be moved up and down, changing the volume of the shade and transforming the light appearance.

Tentlamp is available in many color combinations. Custom color combinations are possible on request.

70cm, 120cm and 190cm Tentlamp at Rossana Orlandi, Milan


By it's variation in sizes and colors, the lamp plays with a space or can even become a space inside a space.

190cm Tentlamp at Woonbedrijf headquarters, Eindhoven

photo: Rene van der Hulst and Studio Boot

100cm and 120cm Tentlamp at Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch

Product variations:

•size ∅  70 cm,  height  +/- 90 cm, price €2795,-

•size ∅100 cm,  height +/- 120cm, price €3295,-

•size ∅120 cm,  height +/- 120cm, price €3295,-

•size ∅190 cm,  height +/- 160cm, price €6500,-


Tentlamp is made to order. Contact us to receive more information on custom color combinations.


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